Ritu Raj

My Work

I have the perspective of Delhi, India where I lived for 30 years and the last 25 years in San Francisco. Grew up with a father who was India's imminent Art Critic, and also the editor of the largest at the time daily newspaper, Patriot. Grew up with artists and photographers my growing and impressionable age.

Always played with taking pictures off and on... but in the recent 4-5 years taken to it at a level of obsession... shoot with Leica S (medium format) system, with M system and recently shooting with Hasselblad.

Still discovering whats my passion, is it street, landscape, people, architecture, or just fine arts... I love shooting people in their natural habitat, and in my mind creating art. or creating from nothing an image which conveys a story, maybe!

Photography is finding, inventing, creating the Frame.  The form and the elusive light show up inside it.



Serial entrepreneur, operations executive, and product visionary with a 20 year history of launching innovative businesses, successfully introducing new products and experiences, and developing strategies to gain traction in challenging markets. Founded the first cloud computing company (Avasta) and the largest dog hotel chain (WagHotels), a founding product manager of the first ride-sharing service (SideCar), and an executive with a leading man-made diamond producer (Diamond Foundry). Successfully raised $100M+ in combined funding across all ventures. Background in enterprise sales, operations, and management. Previous roles with Accenture and TMP Worldwide managing over $1B in sales.